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Elegant long dresses for special occasion.

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  • Prom Dresses

    Sicilia series prom dresses are from professional dresses factory.Our best price is

    suitable for you.

  • Evening Dresses

    Shop for Florence series evening dresses at, all of evening dresses are

    own design, own factory make.

  • Wedding Gowns

    Prague, Venice and Sofia series wedding gowns will surprise you, each style is very

    charming which it is designed by our chief designer. We also add the physical pics,

    you can shop with confidence as each wedding gown is totally same as the pics.

  • Bridesmaid Dresses

    As long as to wear a suitable high quality bridesmaid dress, you can get the happiness of all

    those present which only less than brides. Athen series 1 is your best choice.

  • Evening Gowns

    Our evening gowns manufacturer brings you Barcelona Series and inexpensive beautiful evening

    gowns. All dresses are exactly same with the photo.

  • Party Dresses

    Buy all kinds of Romantic Rhine 2 special occasions party dresses, cocktail party dresses,

    birthday party dresses, wedding party dresses, etc.

  • Maxi Dresses

    New design Cannes Series maxi dresses. Elegant acme, the dazzling pearl of party, let us

    appreciate cannes styles now. This category is suitable for mature women.

  • Mother of The Bride...

    Parents' dress should be decent and appropriate, not only add luster for yourself, but also for

    your daughter. Athen series 2 many beautiful design for mother of the bride dresses.

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Showing 217 - 226 of 226 items
Showing 217 - 226 of 226 items